Gold Membership Basic

$160.00 / month

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  • Full Page Storefront/Profile devoted to your business with testimonials, photos, videos, etc.
  • Hyperlinks to Your Website(s) and Social Media Platforms
  • Your Storefront Profile Will Include Links to Featured Articles Found On Our Website
  • Participate in Style Productions that create publicity, marketing content, and brand awareness for featured vendors to use on all forms of medias for publishing.
  • Your Offers and Incentives Sent to Our Outlets to Help You Gain More Exposure
  • Submit Your Own Photos and Blogs for Us to Feature to Our Network

Digital Marketing

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads (2FB Ads and 1IG Ad)
  • Traffic, Reach and Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • 1 VIDEO Ad and 2 different graphic design ADS
  • 1 promo AD per week (Total 3 per month)
  • 2.1K - 6.2k Estimated daily reach
  • 42,000 -124,000 Estimates monthly reach